Microsoft already have been purchased Skype and people says the next move will be to buy Nokia. Xbox was the first step to kill Windows: Microsoft supported much more Xbox games than Windows ones. Old slogan was: Games for Windows. Now you have a console to play games and a computer to watch movies or surfing the Net. As I see they will be in big trouble if Google make an OS to PC as well. Get more profit from Nokia? What is the Nokia brand strength? Sells a lot of cheap mobiles. Brand Repositioning? Risky.

Bargaining power of Microsoft will be decrease and the other hardware manufacturers wants a more hardware-specific software too. As I see: Google wants to be the Microsoft while Microsoft wants to be the Apple. These three is now can change everything while Facebook has no idea where to move...



In Hungary the KLM (airlines) pay 600$/month for an accountant.

We have high quality and cheap brains (George Soros, Edward Teller, Leó Szilárd etc..). I think because of the hard hungarian language and the mixed nation somehow we can think different. Like in Hungary we use first name as last name so Leó Szilárd is in our language Szilárd Leó.

Please ask my help if you need I will do my best for free.


Facebook 2011: what's the plan?

Dear Facebook,

As I seen today you have and use a lot of resources to kill your platform. Using only enter to comment is not a necesarry step. People will want to change back and you will have to make this new feature as an option. So after a while Facebook became too complicated with too many options. What you do now is making a new MSN. Who use that? What is Facebook future plan? Make the Events to a calendar (where you can found and organise everything) and make some apps that show wheather etc.. Let's start to build your platform to some kind of operation system not a copy of Msn... Please!!!

Ps: Dungeon Overlord is now not punishing their players, at least they not loosing more costumers



I am back I have focused my studies. Let's start what I wrote to Dungeon Overlord Facebook fanpage:

So if I don't log in every day twice and pick up food and gold I will lose my monsters? I like your game but really: is this the only way to make me a fanatic user? Have you ever think about that a player who lost his/her lvl+++ army will not continue playing? Why? That his/her question too...

Zynga never-ever do such a thing thats why they are the market leader 2, SONY needs budget for advertising (where the others do it that's why you have "only" 56.268 users - the game is good and people tell lots of others but it is not enough)

Making a good game is just a little part in game sector because you have to sell it. I do not understand if you using Zynga's strategy to "renew" old-existing games why don't you realise what's going on?

Invest money to advertising and do not terrorise players to log in. You think you made a game to facebook but no. You are the Microsoft: a big and slow multi. I can play your game for free while you don't ask me to get more user to your game? Really? On Facebook games use multi level marketing: nobody play for free if you don't pay you have to invite others to join the game (hopefully payer ones -to research new technology etc-). Facebook cash is not convertible to Station Cash? How many people use it to play on Facebook? Are you worry to pay to Facebook? It worth it that why everybody use it like CrowdStar, Zynga etc. You are the Microsoft who don't understand why Apple can make it: we did a god product. Yes, but you have to sell it and a way you go is not where the big succes is. You made a PC/Console Game but here you can't save. Or you can because it is a PC/Console Game not a Facebook one: your attack report to hard drive. Also missed the virtual goods market: there is nothing to buy in your game just "service" (more production, finish now...). Please make some special virtual goods: limited time monsters, game design (new Vault art etc). You made an already finished game while a Facebook game development never finish. Now you all you have to do it bug fixing.

Iam already wrote my MAT in hungarian language about a facebook game business so I know a little what iam wanted to tell you in english. If you intrested i wrote about Dungeon Keeper 2 in the furthermore plans that was my 3. idea because I already known that somebody will do it (I finished in september -yes that good Iam-).

PS: Your game is only for DAU (daily active user) not for MAU (monthly active). And if we calculate with avarage to your incoming: from 57000 users (MAU) wich consist 3% of payer costumer with lowest 5 USD price is about 3000 USD ( I think a little more maybe 6000 but you can't keep the users). You got maybe good critic but thats business. You did a complicated game so maybe the maximum will be between 500000-1000000 user. Check out why is CityVille a big hit ( Apple/Zynga said let it be simple and you are now just like Microsoft/Sony who don't understand what's the problem when technically everything better than an Apple/Zynga)


Steve Boy whats up with ZuneHD?

"If the new Zunes are selling as well as they appear to be, a whole new realm of speculation opens up. A successful revival of the Zune franchise would mean that Microsoft could reasonably look at expanding it again. I think the first step down that road will be a worldwide release of the Zune HD. As we've noted before, the Zune HD is not currently sold outside the U.S. With any luck, high sales over here will translate to a release across the pond. Keep your fingers crossed, Europe."

Sold 1 million? =300million $ and how many profit do you have? 20m or less? Yeah that's sounds good. I keep my fingers crossed. Everybody wants a new mp3 player with wifi in Europe. Is Zune make CRT Monitors or a black and white TVs? Because I wanna buy some of them too.



Motorola has 3 option:

1, Move manufacturing back to the states

2, Using recycled materials

3, Open new market -as I wrote long time ago (before Nokia) : netbook

Making a smartphone in 2009 is not enought. 


About what's wrong with the PC aka Microsoft

Commodore and PC was the same: based on games. You turned on your PC in 2002 to play games. Now? You turn on your PC to use internet: facebook, e-mail, msn, skype, news. What's going on?Microsoft hasn't got a talented leadership. In the company they thought the CONSOLE market is a good one for them. Not really: Console is the biggest enemy of the PC and Microsoft. What?

An original PC game GTA IV. released for console first. Turning-point... If you wanna play games you have to buy a console. How many have been released for PC this year? How many of them just "PC" games?

The evolution of the PC based on games: buy a new Video Card, bigger RAM, better CPU, mainboard. Now 2009 why should I buy? There is only few good PC game which actually will use it!  You know what we think about Linux in 2002 : there is no game for it so that's why I use Win98. Now there is no game for PC. What we have is FLASH games which you can use any OS(mac,win,linux). 

So because of 3-5 games you will not buy a new PC every year especially not a gamer PC which use 500-1000w power (hourly) and you will not use this kind of PC for check your e-mail, facebook or watch a movie. AND: you don't have to use WINDOWS to check your email, your facebook or watch a movie or play a FLASH game.

Microsoft you are good: you have changed the market!! Practically: Xbox killed your OS monopoly.

PS: Modern Warfare 2 is an example for PC needs: breaks record with 4.7 million in day-one sales (and it's works fine with Geforce 8800Gt which is a 2 year old one so it is also a good example: Windows's PC market is in trouble)


about the nowadays crisis

György Soros now in Budapest, thats why I rethink why is the crisis. Few days and I will share you the reasons. Financial market? No: Soros you are wrong.

When I wrote about what should Motorola do Nokia did it few month later.. Yes that idea was that Motorola should make netbooks. 


Microsoft's profit

Decreasing profit - Microsoft in trouble? Yes, maybe Windows 7 and Zune will not help you...

You have to change because the market already have been changed.


The funny Steve Ballmer

Ballmer thinks that Microsoft is still the best in the market. Thats funny:D You think Goggle's Android and Chrome OS is a stupid idea. Sure that's why Microsoft is in trouble. So why is Microsoft's stock falling after this? Because people realized that Microsoft is out of control.

I wanna see your face after you look at the Android's selling data and wanna see your eyes when you hear how many money lost your company with the marvelous "nobody will buy" ZuneHD.


Microsoft Soapbox

Microsoft Soapbox ( http://video.msn.com ) is going to die, the company will not support it's Soapbox anymore.

Microsoft in trouble again. A company without a plan...

Next time I will write about Youtube.


Microsoft Bing

So Microsoft spent almost 100 million dollar and what happened? Bing's market share raised up 2%. Now everybody is happy. Yes: Microsoft did it...

Google wants to find out how Bing works. Yes thats a news in the media. I think a simple people don't care about it. Nobody cares... only the others in the market. When you daily use a program you will not change easily to an other. Im using google because: because. I don't care how it works.

Other News: Universal copied the Zune's offer: "With Zune Pass, you can discover and download all the music you like" and with Universal's offer you can do it on Ipod or home.....

Zune only known in Canada and USA. Zune HD is the first from their products whose in the news in global. In Europe we will choose Apple because: 

1, my post of Zune HD 

2, we can't buy a Zune

3, we don't know the brand

I hate that companies whose don't care other markets just when they are in trouble... Are you coming to Europe? No, thanks... (not think in a global market from the beginning is Zune first and biggest mistake -you missed the support from media) 

But Apple? But Apple? Its different: Apple increased its market. The "global company": Microsoft decreased Zune's market to USA and Canada. 

4, while iPod Touch is just dying (accessories helps keeping alive) Zune is already dead (market needs small mp3 players)


Bing versus Google

The bing has more than 100million dollar as an advertisement budget. What to do with that money? I think this will be a high bonus for somebody or simple: waste of resources/money. Because all we need is about 5 million (include tax).

What to do... what to do?  When we have a same product in the market: a "clone".

What to do when using google fall into a habit? How to change that?

Simple like a war so we need: money and money and money. About 5million enough.

People like money more than Google. So change their habits using Money. Yes. All is Microsoft need that make a lottery using the advertisement money. Every hour or half hour you can win MONEY.

If you use BING for searching you will have a chance to win. The 5 million enough for a half year. People will choose the Bing. People love Money. People need Money. People want to win. 

And what to do Microsoft with the "leftover" 95million dollar? Buy the Commodore brand.



The newest try from Microsoft. Whats the problem with the new ZuneHD? Nothing and everything.

Nice design, good hardware. 




A mobilephone size Mp3 for who? That's market is DEAD. YES:DEAD.

Where is a space for a Zune?

A normal size Ipod will die too.  Only the mini size Mp3 will survive:

Zune HD is a PDA with HD screen. PDA is dead. Iphone or smartphone users will not buy an other (same size just) mp3 player. So Zune is not the future. 


They focused on HD wich is a good technology but outside USA not every household have it yet. In USA and worldwide there are millions of home PCs whose can't play a simple HD(720p) movie. HD movies are large and takes more time to download from net. Warez sites use DVD or DVDrip and just little group of warez team use the 720p. Yeah I know everybody buy legal stuff then why is SONY PSP sells have raised after the first hack of the PSP? It is too early..

Whose gonna destroy your dream:

HD netbooks will beat Zune HD. They have enough screen size and will be easy to get a 720p-HD movie for it. They will also kill the portable "just" DVD players.


The logo is mysterious.... mysterious and good for a movie's company:

So the logo is not an apple one. Its too "difficult", hard to recognise/recall. Sorry but thats my opinion...( and also the logo is not unisex). The Zune new design is perfect for a man:

But what about the womens? There will be a pink one?


You will not tell to an other person that you just bought a Microsoft Vista. If you buy a Microsoft Zune will you? Yes?

There will be an answer:

-Common my Iphone was a better choice than your thiny screen HD mp3 player.... You can watch movies? Hahaha I watch at home: I just bought a fullHD 130inch lcd tv.



Toshiba is my BRAND. I had one of they PDA in 2003 (touch screen, age of empires 2, mp3,video, SD card: GPS,Camera,Memory...). I liked it: It was a well and clear designed. Its cost 200 bucks (in my country 900!). Why they left the market? I think Toshiba has only one weakness: not a well known brand in the market. I think everybody hear of it but when it is shopping time the people will choose an other brand. As i know Toshiba is a business brand: most of they costumers are managers. 

People buy in my country Samsung or Sony or Panasonic and now Apple(they are some kind of "redneck" brand: people buy a well known brand to show us how rich they are; so they actually invest money for a "thing" whose price is well known....).  Toshiba is not for the simple people.

Why I like Toshiba? Because Toshiba made a right decision when left the market. Toshiba is open for a new market or new style. Toshiba is open for a change. Microsoft is not. Microsoft think that a smartphone( wich is almost the same I have +phone function) will hit Iphone (in 2009?).

So Toshiba main weakness: is the company's own name. Thats why Toshiba sells they technology for others.  The slogen: Toshiba "Leading Innovation" is not a bullshit. They are awesome but not for a simple person.

Product Failures: most of the time because of the name/brand wich is not a well known or not enough known to be succes.  The matter is one thing. The brand is a channel to the people. 

In the car sector: when you want to target an other costumer group than you will buy/get an old brand name for the new costumers...... A brand is a channel, the product is a Tv show. Maybe Toshiba should pay for the Commodore. 

My old PDA:

The biggest failure: PDA.  Microsoft thought that a Windows powered personal data assistent will be a big hit. No. Some business man bought it but there were no chanels for a simple costumer. They also didnt know what it is. It was not trendy, they focused on the wrong part of the PDA: help in work. Thats why the people bought something else: never told them its a handheld multimedia station: mp3,movie,games.... 

And now: Zune HD..... And what? Who cares? PDA was the best in 2003 and? And Blackberry and Apple raised up that time. The market is also not ready for it.


What Commodore should do?

The biggest, the famous, THE COMPANY. Where is it now? Selling netbook for kids... Yes they put their company to the market with not designed netbooks without any idea what they want. Are they wanna be a cheap netbook seller with a special advantage: kid netbook? What is their advantages? Design? Kid netbook? Are they translating the spirit of Commodore? Have they ever read one of the news comments where people tell the world this company is not the BIG OLD ONE? This is a very very hard reaction....

"see how the Commodore International Corporation is translating the spirit of Commodore for the market today and tomorrow"


 As i say: Commodore is a shoe company so they have to sell netbooks like a clothes. Design and Fashion thats the market needs. Commodore has to follow Apple. Commodore has no choice. The company has no resources to make hardware or software innovation. Commodore is order from the market. One thing he can change: the netbooks design. Thats all. He is a little guy in the adults world.

And what shoe company will be Commodore?

Thats right  he wanna be the Onitsuka Tiger.  He wanna be trendy, he wanna be retro and modern:)

Let you tell something Commodore today not exist, why?? Because when a shoe company exist thats means they have a shop. Lets take a look how people want a Commodore store:

They wanna eat that store. Actually there is no Commodore sign just a logo and they recognised the store like an Apple store....  Are they gonna eat the logo?? So we don't need the word Commodore as many time as somebody wants in the company(its to long today, logo and word combo is old fashioned today). Not even the front of the netbook or back. There is a place bottom of the laptops where is a big space to write it. Use that space. An Onitsuka Tiger use just the sign too. Commodore is a word and use many company worldwide. The logo is the future and I am sure they are (in the picture) not the target costumers whose want to buy a commodore kid netbook for their child.

So we want to show the world we are back. We want  to see dozens are happy front of the store.

Its time for Onitsuka: open some store in the Europe market, there will be two important city for your market: London and Berlin. As we are a trendy old-new brand in London we should open a store around the Oxford street (there is a small fashion district where is an Onitsuka Tiger shop too). We want to show the world how trendy we are. 

Before that lets see some Onitsuka shop:

Some little store. Thats what we need. We can follow this style and every shop can be different:

Or every store has the same image:

There is only a logo because who dont know the logo means that person is not a target costumer yet and we want to be trendy also. So we have stores but what about the shoes? 

What type we want? Windows? Mobilin?

You can choose one. In the company's history the Commodor buy a Basic system from Microsoft and changed it. There is no option to order a different Windows. I think the Mobilin will be a better option. Order the netbooks cost high there is no money for buy the licens and you can change Mobilin easily for your needs. If anyone want a Windows for it he/she could anywhere buy one. The image of using Mobilin is priceless: the company has an own way, he is really back, he is free. And one thing: never ever and never use any Windows key on a keyboard. Its destroy your Image. Has any of the C64 one of these? No, so you should change the Windows hotkeys for the company's logo:

Your advantages are from these little things. I think the power button could be the same: use the logo. You can use also a white-red-blue leds or a lighting logo to show the battery or the charging . Be different thats the most important (and a good design). The netbooks adapter has to wear the logo too(like in the old times).

What we sell in that little store? The company only have one products....

Not, not one: Onitsuka Tiger has accessories so we will follow them in that. 

One side of the (white)wall there will be colourfull well designed netbooks on the wall (like the shoes) the other side there will be notebook/netbook bags (also well desinged -in my picture dont..-). The costumer choose one netbook then choose one netbook bag from the other side. We sell together(calculted in the price) and if he/she dont want one he got 9 pounds back. This is just an idea. Let's see my not so good picture:

But thats not enough:  we need more accessories!

The company has no resources so the mobilephone market is no option and don't have the technology for an Ipod killer. In other hands Commodore could order an easy kind of mp3 player he could fight with Ipod shuffle. Nothing impossible with a good design. A black slim mp3 player with a lightning white logo (not the Commodore word) or a white one with the blue logo some orange with white logo. The mouse for netbook or a mouse pad is needed to.

And what other stuff we have? Yes pendrive with lightning. In different colours.

And some extra:

If Commodore want that image that he is still the old guy and want to be extremly trendy:

At the basement he can sell clothes. Commodore has a never ending Theme for a T-shirt or a belt. Its a free advertising when somebody walk with your netbook bag and its a free ad when a person wear your T-shirt:  Own cost 5pounds, selling price min 25pounds.

Your basement can be retro:

Old fashion thats remind all of us the old time. The basement has also a working and free to use C64 (with a guide and games on an old floppy and an "oldy" coach). You can sell here 1541floppy drive looks alike mp3 player which us  sd card as memory (work with like floppy-drive) and other stuff. The magazines will be old Commodore ones.

Or can be modern as well:

The basement with clothes and c64 will show the costumer that you are the same Commodore( who proud of his history).

These things are the advantages that you need in the business.  Some store, some employee and good design. Oh i almost forget: the package of the netbook is important to: a simple reused paper(we are green) with an embossed printing of the companys name and logo. Thats the place where they together.


Im gonna sleep than I show you that Commodore has to sell his netbook like a clothes. Apple do it the same way: a Macbook more like a clothes than a laptop. You buy a macbook because thats shows your personality to others. 

I also created a new blog wich will give me more freedom if i want to write. Commodore's business plan is an off-topic and is not fitting the main blog name(+ what I wrote about Motorola).

Mobilin Motorola Commodore

Moblin 2.0 test version released. Commodore has to think about it thats maybe a better choice to use this platform than Windows. The platform has an option: you can change it for your own needs.

Nobody will like a Commodore netbook with keyboard where is a Win key. Why? Because if not Microsoft the owner it seems that you are not the "big history-well known-best selling-famous" Commodore. The costumers thinks: you are a little boy who live day to day.

What about Motorola? Motorola is dying. The managers of the company have no idea what to do( in other hand they became rich, they get a marvelous high income). What to do? Open for a new market. The mobile selling of Motorola is never be the same they have to change the company's profile. So maybe its time them to sell netbook as well. Motorola can keep the mobile production but from them there will be no profit for a while. It will be a good chance to try luck in this market with Mobilin (not with Win as they never used that in their mobilephones as I know).So thats will be perfect for Motorola and Commodore. New faces against the world ....


Commodore's past:

That last one from internet shows you an unkown details of how well designed (thanks for the unofficial photo) . Take a look at the Commodore logo and word. Want one? 



Next time I will gonna show you that Commodore is a "shoe" brand... Yes thats right: "shoe".

I will need a little time to write you my opinion what should Commodore do with low level of resources, without an investor.