What Commodore should do?

The biggest, the famous, THE COMPANY. Where is it now? Selling netbook for kids... Yes they put their company to the market with not designed netbooks without any idea what they want. Are they wanna be a cheap netbook seller with a special advantage: kid netbook? What is their advantages? Design? Kid netbook? Are they translating the spirit of Commodore? Have they ever read one of the news comments where people tell the world this company is not the BIG OLD ONE? This is a very very hard reaction....

"see how the Commodore International Corporation is translating the spirit of Commodore for the market today and tomorrow"


 As i say: Commodore is a shoe company so they have to sell netbooks like a clothes. Design and Fashion thats the market needs. Commodore has to follow Apple. Commodore has no choice. The company has no resources to make hardware or software innovation. Commodore is order from the market. One thing he can change: the netbooks design. Thats all. He is a little guy in the adults world.

And what shoe company will be Commodore?

Thats right  he wanna be the Onitsuka Tiger.  He wanna be trendy, he wanna be retro and modern:)

Let you tell something Commodore today not exist, why?? Because when a shoe company exist thats means they have a shop. Lets take a look how people want a Commodore store:

They wanna eat that store. Actually there is no Commodore sign just a logo and they recognised the store like an Apple store....  Are they gonna eat the logo?? So we don't need the word Commodore as many time as somebody wants in the company(its to long today, logo and word combo is old fashioned today). Not even the front of the netbook or back. There is a place bottom of the laptops where is a big space to write it. Use that space. An Onitsuka Tiger use just the sign too. Commodore is a word and use many company worldwide. The logo is the future and I am sure they are (in the picture) not the target costumers whose want to buy a commodore kid netbook for their child.

So we want to show the world we are back. We want  to see dozens are happy front of the store.

Its time for Onitsuka: open some store in the Europe market, there will be two important city for your market: London and Berlin. As we are a trendy old-new brand in London we should open a store around the Oxford street (there is a small fashion district where is an Onitsuka Tiger shop too). We want to show the world how trendy we are. 

Before that lets see some Onitsuka shop:

Some little store. Thats what we need. We can follow this style and every shop can be different:

Or every store has the same image:

There is only a logo because who dont know the logo means that person is not a target costumer yet and we want to be trendy also. So we have stores but what about the shoes? 

What type we want? Windows? Mobilin?

You can choose one. In the company's history the Commodor buy a Basic system from Microsoft and changed it. There is no option to order a different Windows. I think the Mobilin will be a better option. Order the netbooks cost high there is no money for buy the licens and you can change Mobilin easily for your needs. If anyone want a Windows for it he/she could anywhere buy one. The image of using Mobilin is priceless: the company has an own way, he is really back, he is free. And one thing: never ever and never use any Windows key on a keyboard. Its destroy your Image. Has any of the C64 one of these? No, so you should change the Windows hotkeys for the company's logo:

Your advantages are from these little things. I think the power button could be the same: use the logo. You can use also a white-red-blue leds or a lighting logo to show the battery or the charging . Be different thats the most important (and a good design). The netbooks adapter has to wear the logo too(like in the old times).

What we sell in that little store? The company only have one products....

Not, not one: Onitsuka Tiger has accessories so we will follow them in that. 

One side of the (white)wall there will be colourfull well designed netbooks on the wall (like the shoes) the other side there will be notebook/netbook bags (also well desinged -in my picture dont..-). The costumer choose one netbook then choose one netbook bag from the other side. We sell together(calculted in the price) and if he/she dont want one he got 9 pounds back. This is just an idea. Let's see my not so good picture:

But thats not enough:  we need more accessories!

The company has no resources so the mobilephone market is no option and don't have the technology for an Ipod killer. In other hands Commodore could order an easy kind of mp3 player he could fight with Ipod shuffle. Nothing impossible with a good design. A black slim mp3 player with a lightning white logo (not the Commodore word) or a white one with the blue logo some orange with white logo. The mouse for netbook or a mouse pad is needed to.

And what other stuff we have? Yes pendrive with lightning. In different colours.

And some extra:

If Commodore want that image that he is still the old guy and want to be extremly trendy:

At the basement he can sell clothes. Commodore has a never ending Theme for a T-shirt or a belt. Its a free advertising when somebody walk with your netbook bag and its a free ad when a person wear your T-shirt:  Own cost 5pounds, selling price min 25pounds.

Your basement can be retro:

Old fashion thats remind all of us the old time. The basement has also a working and free to use C64 (with a guide and games on an old floppy and an "oldy" coach). You can sell here 1541floppy drive looks alike mp3 player which us  sd card as memory (work with like floppy-drive) and other stuff. The magazines will be old Commodore ones.

Or can be modern as well:

The basement with clothes and c64 will show the costumer that you are the same Commodore( who proud of his history).

These things are the advantages that you need in the business.  Some store, some employee and good design. Oh i almost forget: the package of the netbook is important to: a simple reused paper(we are green) with an embossed printing of the companys name and logo. Thats the place where they together.

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