The newest try from Microsoft. Whats the problem with the new ZuneHD? Nothing and everything.

Nice design, good hardware. 




A mobilephone size Mp3 for who? That's market is DEAD. YES:DEAD.

Where is a space for a Zune?

A normal size Ipod will die too.  Only the mini size Mp3 will survive:

Zune HD is a PDA with HD screen. PDA is dead. Iphone or smartphone users will not buy an other (same size just) mp3 player. So Zune is not the future. 


They focused on HD wich is a good technology but outside USA not every household have it yet. In USA and worldwide there are millions of home PCs whose can't play a simple HD(720p) movie. HD movies are large and takes more time to download from net. Warez sites use DVD or DVDrip and just little group of warez team use the 720p. Yeah I know everybody buy legal stuff then why is SONY PSP sells have raised after the first hack of the PSP? It is too early..

Whose gonna destroy your dream:

HD netbooks will beat Zune HD. They have enough screen size and will be easy to get a 720p-HD movie for it. They will also kill the portable "just" DVD players.


The logo is mysterious.... mysterious and good for a movie's company:

So the logo is not an apple one. Its too "difficult", hard to recognise/recall. Sorry but thats my opinion...( and also the logo is not unisex). The Zune new design is perfect for a man:

But what about the womens? There will be a pink one?


You will not tell to an other person that you just bought a Microsoft Vista. If you buy a Microsoft Zune will you? Yes?

There will be an answer:

-Common my Iphone was a better choice than your thiny screen HD mp3 player.... You can watch movies? Hahaha I watch at home: I just bought a fullHD 130inch lcd tv.

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