Microsoft already have been purchased Skype and people says the next move will be to buy Nokia. Xbox was the first step to kill Windows: Microsoft supported much more Xbox games than Windows ones. Old slogan was: Games for Windows. Now you have a console to play games and a computer to watch movies or surfing the Net. As I see they will be in big trouble if Google make an OS to PC as well. Get more profit from Nokia? What is the Nokia brand strength? Sells a lot of cheap mobiles. Brand Repositioning? Risky.

Bargaining power of Microsoft will be decrease and the other hardware manufacturers wants a more hardware-specific software too. As I see: Google wants to be the Microsoft while Microsoft wants to be the Apple. These three is now can change everything while Facebook has no idea where to move...



In Hungary the KLM (airlines) pay 600$/month for an accountant.

We have high quality and cheap brains (George Soros, Edward Teller, Leó Szilárd etc..). I think because of the hard hungarian language and the mixed nation somehow we can think different. Like in Hungary we use first name as last name so Leó Szilárd is in our language Szilárd Leó.

Please ask my help if you need I will do my best for free.


Facebook 2011: what's the plan?

Dear Facebook,

As I seen today you have and use a lot of resources to kill your platform. Using only enter to comment is not a necesarry step. People will want to change back and you will have to make this new feature as an option. So after a while Facebook became too complicated with too many options. What you do now is making a new MSN. Who use that? What is Facebook future plan? Make the Events to a calendar (where you can found and organise everything) and make some apps that show wheather etc.. Let's start to build your platform to some kind of operation system not a copy of Msn... Please!!!

Ps: Dungeon Overlord is now not punishing their players, at least they not loosing more costumers



I am back I have focused my studies. Let's start what I wrote to Dungeon Overlord Facebook fanpage:

So if I don't log in every day twice and pick up food and gold I will lose my monsters? I like your game but really: is this the only way to make me a fanatic user? Have you ever think about that a player who lost his/her lvl+++ army will not continue playing? Why? That his/her question too...

Zynga never-ever do such a thing thats why they are the market leader 2, SONY needs budget for advertising (where the others do it that's why you have "only" 56.268 users - the game is good and people tell lots of others but it is not enough)

Making a good game is just a little part in game sector because you have to sell it. I do not understand if you using Zynga's strategy to "renew" old-existing games why don't you realise what's going on?

Invest money to advertising and do not terrorise players to log in. You think you made a game to facebook but no. You are the Microsoft: a big and slow multi. I can play your game for free while you don't ask me to get more user to your game? Really? On Facebook games use multi level marketing: nobody play for free if you don't pay you have to invite others to join the game (hopefully payer ones -to research new technology etc-). Facebook cash is not convertible to Station Cash? How many people use it to play on Facebook? Are you worry to pay to Facebook? It worth it that why everybody use it like CrowdStar, Zynga etc. You are the Microsoft who don't understand why Apple can make it: we did a god product. Yes, but you have to sell it and a way you go is not where the big succes is. You made a PC/Console Game but here you can't save. Or you can because it is a PC/Console Game not a Facebook one: your attack report to hard drive. Also missed the virtual goods market: there is nothing to buy in your game just "service" (more production, finish now...). Please make some special virtual goods: limited time monsters, game design (new Vault art etc). You made an already finished game while a Facebook game development never finish. Now you all you have to do it bug fixing.

Iam already wrote my MAT in hungarian language about a facebook game business so I know a little what iam wanted to tell you in english. If you intrested i wrote about Dungeon Keeper 2 in the furthermore plans that was my 3. idea because I already known that somebody will do it (I finished in september -yes that good Iam-).

PS: Your game is only for DAU (daily active user) not for MAU (monthly active). And if we calculate with avarage to your incoming: from 57000 users (MAU) wich consist 3% of payer costumer with lowest 5 USD price is about 3000 USD ( I think a little more maybe 6000 but you can't keep the users). You got maybe good critic but thats business. You did a complicated game so maybe the maximum will be between 500000-1000000 user. Check out why is CityVille a big hit ( Apple/Zynga said let it be simple and you are now just like Microsoft/Sony who don't understand what's the problem when technically everything better than an Apple/Zynga)