In Hungary the KLM (airlines) pay 600$/month for an accountant.

We have high quality and cheap brains (George Soros, Edward Teller, Leó Szilárd etc..). I think because of the hard hungarian language and the mixed nation somehow we can think different. Like in Hungary we use first name as last name so Leó Szilárd is in our language Szilárd Leó.

Please ask my help if you need I will do my best for free.


Facebook 2011: what's the plan?

Dear Facebook,

As I seen today you have and use a lot of resources to kill your platform. Using only enter to comment is not a necesarry step. People will want to change back and you will have to make this new feature as an option. So after a while Facebook became too complicated with too many options. What you do now is making a new MSN. Who use that? What is Facebook future plan? Make the Events to a calendar (where you can found and organise everything) and make some apps that show wheather etc.. Let's start to build your platform to some kind of operation system not a copy of Msn... Please!!!

Ps: Dungeon Overlord is now not punishing their players, at least they not loosing more costumers