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When I hear about the Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade by www.247wallst.com (where Microsoft is in the top) I decided to write you more about my idea and not just a "draft".

That's means: I will share you more details what should Commodore do and how -maybe I will use PS to show you;), why Microsoft will loose more (and more) of his market share or at least why Apple can not be beaten by them. As english is not my mother language so it is quite hard to me to write about what I think.

This blog is for me. Why?:

- there are only few readers whose presumably never visit this page again

- Microsoft will continue selling Zune and think the new Hd will rock ( Im not sure that Microsoft has any leader who use his/her brain and knows what's next so: after Windows 7 there will be 8 or Midori then Midor2 and after Zune Hd there will be Zune Blue-ray. Are they from Redmond or Hollywood? Because they make more like a movie on the same schema.)

- Commodore will continue selling his new Commodore Kid and other netbook: "The Commodore netbook has a sleek & modern look & feel and is available in a wide range of colors" other words: a horrible 80s kitchen look alike design ( I think they kept the company's old designer from the c64 time)

- I think Apple will hit Microsoft in the companys market too soon (because when employees use Mac than the company will change the old Win server to a Mac- I think its logical.) So Apple is on the way to the companies, there are smaller companies/offices whose already use only Mac.

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