Mobilin Motorola Commodore

Moblin 2.0 test version released. Commodore has to think about it thats maybe a better choice to use this platform than Windows. The platform has an option: you can change it for your own needs.

Nobody will like a Commodore netbook with keyboard where is a Win key. Why? Because if not Microsoft the owner it seems that you are not the "big history-well known-best selling-famous" Commodore. The costumers thinks: you are a little boy who live day to day.

What about Motorola? Motorola is dying. The managers of the company have no idea what to do( in other hand they became rich, they get a marvelous high income). What to do? Open for a new market. The mobile selling of Motorola is never be the same they have to change the company's profile. So maybe its time them to sell netbook as well. Motorola can keep the mobile production but from them there will be no profit for a while. It will be a good chance to try luck in this market with Mobilin (not with Win as they never used that in their mobilephones as I know).So thats will be perfect for Motorola and Commodore. New faces against the world ....

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