Bing versus Google

The bing has more than 100million dollar as an advertisement budget. What to do with that money? I think this will be a high bonus for somebody or simple: waste of resources/money. Because all we need is about 5 million (include tax).

What to do... what to do?  When we have a same product in the market: a "clone".

What to do when using google fall into a habit? How to change that?

Simple like a war so we need: money and money and money. About 5million enough.

People like money more than Google. So change their habits using Money. Yes. All is Microsoft need that make a lottery using the advertisement money. Every hour or half hour you can win MONEY.

If you use BING for searching you will have a chance to win. The 5 million enough for a half year. People will choose the Bing. People love Money. People need Money. People want to win. 

And what to do Microsoft with the "leftover" 95million dollar? Buy the Commodore brand.

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