Microsoft Bing

So Microsoft spent almost 100 million dollar and what happened? Bing's market share raised up 2%. Now everybody is happy. Yes: Microsoft did it...

Google wants to find out how Bing works. Yes thats a news in the media. I think a simple people don't care about it. Nobody cares... only the others in the market. When you daily use a program you will not change easily to an other. Im using google because: because. I don't care how it works.

Other News: Universal copied the Zune's offer: "With Zune Pass, you can discover and download all the music you like" and with Universal's offer you can do it on Ipod or home.....

Zune only known in Canada and USA. Zune HD is the first from their products whose in the news in global. In Europe we will choose Apple because: 

1, my post of Zune HD 

2, we can't buy a Zune

3, we don't know the brand

I hate that companies whose don't care other markets just when they are in trouble... Are you coming to Europe? No, thanks... (not think in a global market from the beginning is Zune first and biggest mistake -you missed the support from media) 

But Apple? But Apple? Its different: Apple increased its market. The "global company": Microsoft decreased Zune's market to USA and Canada. 

4, while iPod Touch is just dying (accessories helps keeping alive) Zune is already dead (market needs small mp3 players)

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