Steve Boy whats up with ZuneHD?

"If the new Zunes are selling as well as they appear to be, a whole new realm of speculation opens up. A successful revival of the Zune franchise would mean that Microsoft could reasonably look at expanding it again. I think the first step down that road will be a worldwide release of the Zune HD. As we've noted before, the Zune HD is not currently sold outside the U.S. With any luck, high sales over here will translate to a release across the pond. Keep your fingers crossed, Europe."

Sold 1 million? =300million $ and how many profit do you have? 20m or less? Yeah that's sounds good. I keep my fingers crossed. Everybody wants a new mp3 player with wifi in Europe. Is Zune make CRT Monitors or a black and white TVs? Because I wanna buy some of them too.

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